Discover Rino Castiglione's future projects in jeanswear and fashion

Pubblicato il 29 Settembre 2022

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After experiences at Guess and VF Corporation for Wrangler and Lee, Rino Castiglione is back and will work at the reboot of Gas Jeans, which now becomes Gas Milano 1984.

Founding partner and CEO of Alpha Square, a Swiss investment holding company headed by Paolo Agazzone, Rino Castiglione will join the board of Gas Milano 1984 through Alpha Square, along with Andrew Bordin, Andrea Citterio and other investors.

The entrepreneurial pool will be in charge of relaunching the Gas brand, providing both economic resources and a management team. Future goals of his engagement will be to project the denim brand into a future of sustainable growth, through Alpha Square know-how focused on tech innovation.

Thanks to Castiglione, the Swiss holding company enters the fashion sector and will take into consideration other brand acquisitions in the near future.

I have been working these years behind the scenes on the creation of a purpose-driven investment fund that puts economic performance on a par with sustainable social and environmental impact, for the expanded well-being of companies that want to grow in a healthy and respectful way for the next generation

Castiglione said while describing his contribution to the birth of the Swiss fund.

In the coming months the manager is set to define a strategic acquisition program for the investment fund in the technology, design and fashion sectors, as well as finalize the business plan for the relaunch of Gas Milano 1984. The challenge is to lead the popular jeans brand to a modern, ethical and international competitive model in a few years.

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