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The best technologies, the highest yield

YouPower designs and provides photovoltaic systems developed with the best technologies to ensure the highest yield and longest lifespan.

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Secure and ecological investment

The cost of the plant is a secure and ecological investment that pays off in 4-5 years, with a current ROI of around 20%.

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Reduction in energy costs

The cost of energy can be reduced by between 30% and 80% depending on the chosen solution.

With a photovoltaic system, you protect yourself from fluctuations in energy costs for the next 25 years. You will no longer need to buy energy: you will only need to produce it at the same cost.

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YouPower is different from most market players in Switzerland.

YouPower is an integrated company that fully controls every stage of design and creation of your plants.

  • The research and development division selects the best available technologies.
  • The team of computer and electronic engineers programs the proprietary software that YouPower offers exclusively to customers for optimizing and dynamically managing their consumption.
  • The installation technicians carry out the most careful design and implementation of the plant, ensuring the maximum speed of supply, installation, and testing.

The pre- and post-sales assistance verifies the conformity of the plant to the current regulations on homologation and safety, assisting the customer in the requirements to take advantage of incentives.

You can recover up to 40% of the cost of the plant! For more information,
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Custom Photovoltaic Project 'Easy to You': EFFICIENCY, SAVINGS, AND MAXIMUM QUALITY in 60 Days

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With the EASY TO YOU program for residential plants, we provide a turnkey solar plant installed in 60 days. YouPower offers maximum speed thanks to its in-house project management team and its large warehouse in Mezzovico (Ticino). From February 2023, we will be waiting for you in the brand new showroom where you can meet the managers of your project in person and evaluate the best technical solutions.

What the easy to you program includes:

We carry out the necessary inspections to present you with a free offer that includes a solution tailored to your needs and a calculation of the expected savings.

DESIGN OF YOUR PLANT (with possible energy storage)

Our specialists will be by your side to discuss the best solutions to ensure complete management of your energy, heating, hot water, and storage needs.


Our specialized technicians install your complete plants, including all certifications. YouPower only selects the best components with the highest yields, so as not to miss a single ray of sun.


We fully follow the authorization process of the project, from the preparation of the construction site to the testing, to deliver a state-of-the-art plant


All YouPower plants are accompanied by a Diagnosis and energy audit.

Still thinking about it? Consider the benefits of relying on the sun with YouPower


The energy produced by the photovoltaic system will allow you to increase your energy autonomy.


Photovoltaics produce 100% green energy, with no emissions and no loss due to transport. YouPower only uses certified components with a lower environmental impact, in line with ESG values and philosophy.


With a YouPower plant, you will be less exposed to electricity price increases for the next 25 years (average lifespan of a plant). If your need for electricity increases, our plants can be adapted over time to follow your growth.


The energy produced by the photovoltaic system will allow you to increase your energy autonomy.

The average energy amortization period is 4 to 5 years.

The percentage of solar electricity for self-consumption can be increased through accumulation with lithium-ion batteries. In a single-family home, levels of self-consumption of up to 80% can be reached in this way, ensuring the possibility of consuming the energy produced during the hours of sunlight, even at night. Investment in storage solutions is therefore highly recommended. This type of plant is newer and has all the characteristics to quickly spread in the coming years.

For photovoltaic systems, it is recommended to visually check the modules every two to three years (to check for cases of dirt or damage to the modules). In particular, horizontal modules should be regularly cleaned by a professional. Do not direct the water jet of a pump onto the modules as deposits of lime may form and the cold water from the pipes may cause stress cracks in the overheated modules. In the event of a reduction in the plant's electricity production, it is worth contacting a professional promptly, who, through measurements on the modules and inverter, can recognize and subsequently eliminate any anomaly

Any surface free of shading and oriented at no more than 45° from the south is perfect for photovoltaic plants. Even roofs with east-west exposure, facades, and balcony railings are increasingly used for photovoltaic production thanks to the greater power of new technologies and the decrease in the price of photovoltaic modules

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