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YOUPower is a Swiss quality company born from the passion for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

YouPower helps companies and individuals create their own energy, starting from the sun. It is a solar company that has put the sun at the center of its technology and its vision.

YouPower is a company able to meet the needs of both large industrial companies and individuals. It designs and installs photovoltaic plants, energy consumption communities, energy management services and efficiency solutions and patented e-mobility solutions.

YouPower is a 100% Swiss company located in the canton of Ticino. It is a vertically and integrally integrated reality of the canton of Ticino: people involved, from software developers, R&D engineers, to plant technicians are YouPower personnel able to interact continuously and professionally with customers.

YouPower has been part of Alpha Square Invest, the Swiss investment holding company specializing in technology and the environment, since 2022, which has given the company a new vision and dynamism in its development.

Its founders, Emanuele Romano and Igor Mazzucato, have twenty years of experience in the technological and renewable energy sector. Thanks to Alpha Square Invest, a new international management team joined Youpower. The new team is leading the company towards new business development, reaching record growth levels.

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